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Alexandru ends a long summer day with some healthy Z’s

A little rest after a busy day

Young Alexandru is always happy to be a part of the group activities and games organised at Saint Margaret’s every day, but lately he seems to be even more willing to get active and involved, something that gives hope and encourages us to work harder with this capable little lad. Recently, after lunch with his friends, Alexandru listened to music and clapped his hands to the rhythm and then got busy during a cognitive stimulation session. During this particular session, Alexandru gradually discovered the mechanism of several sensory toys, after one of his careful and thorough inspections, and then he actively took part in a series of exercises aimed at stimulating his vocal emissions.

All of these exciting and fun activities got him so tired, that after the session ha, he simply fell asleep in his wheelchair, causing so much amusement to Darius, Cristina and Nicoleta because of his cute yet totally exhausted expression.

His care team  are very happy and extremely proud of ‘Young’  Alexandru and they  hope that his newfound eagerness in discovering new things will becomes a  habit, even if he will feel exhausted after a couple of hours.  

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