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Another page is turned in Claudia’s scrapbook of happy memories

Claudia and her masterpiece

The long and hot summer vac is almost over and only a few weeks remain until all the children “saved by the bell” will start another fruitful school year. Claudia’s summer was jam packed with activities and excitement, so on returning to school this year she will have great stories to share with  class mates.  She has spent this past weekend having fun, surrounded by ’an adopted” loving family at the home of Dana Ionila her friend, sometime companion and of times trusted physiotherapist. It is not the first time she has stay there so she is quite at ease in the company of Dana and her extended family.

Last weekend slipped away all too soon, leaving some wonderful memories. Of time spent at the “Creation in Recreation” arts and crafts centre, where she spent time with others from the community keeping hands and mind busy in creating various beautiful little handcrafted accessories.  With a few artistic strokes, she painted a beautiful wooden box, and then coated two beautiful small vases, one in her favourite powder pink and the other in baby blue and finished her creations by adding a little rope, for the final rustic effect. Some lovely flowers were added later and her masterpiece was complete and ready to be placed on display on the windowsill.

Surprise the  followed surprise as  Dana and her relatives with  a large courtyard and alfresco pool  invited them to while away some time  relaxing, playing and splashing around in the pool in the company of some girls her own age. That hot summer day instantly became a little fresher and more exciting when floating around on a mat!

So that was yet another great weekend for Claudia, Life keeps on giving if you always remember to add a little bit of love and a splash of fun to create wonderful memories.

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> Another page is turned in Claudia’s scrapbook of happy memories

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