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Cadeaux? Merci! Cadeaux? Merci! Cadeaux? Merci!

Florin opening presents for everyone

Florin opening presents for everyone

Florin Says It For Everyone Living at St Margaret's Hospice

For the first time, we are able to share a little joy of Christmas morning at St Margaret's hospice in Bucharest.

Florin, as you might expect, was first to find the Christmas presents left below the Christmas tree for the children and proceded to help himself  to open the presents which Santa Claus had left.

Seated beneath the Christmas tree, Florin made sure that everyone had their parcels, helping nursing sisters with other children in their arms when they took too long to show everyone what presents they had been given. He even shared one or two of his own parcels when he felt that not everyone had the presents they deserved.

A Very Special Day

The normal hospice routine was changed slightly to allow everyone to enjoy a special Christmas Day. This was the first year in many that there were so many infants and children well enough to enjoy opening presents and playing directly with the gifts sent to them by those who sponsor and care for them.

"God Bless Ss Each and Every One"

In their prayers, the sisters and the children remembered those other children who were not there to take part in their special Christmas.

Have Wonderful - 2009

Everyone at St Margaret's would like to share their best wishes to everyone who helps make their hospice care and life possible.

Valentina Zaharia sends a message on behalf of all of the children and their carers and wishes everyone in the United Kingdom, who help and support the work of Children in Distress, every good wish for Christmas and for the New Year ahead.

"We in all of our hospices, children's centres and community projects understand how difficult next year may be for each and every one of us but hope and pray that you will have all that is good for 2009."

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