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Have a great 1st of March and a happy spring!

Making their little gifts 

“Martisor Day”, the first day  of March, is a national holiday in Romania dedicated to Spring’s arrival and nature’s awakening, and this year, the children at Saint Margaret’s decided to  offer little traditional heart-warming tokens of their appreciation and lots of hugs and kisses to all the ladies in their care team. “Martisor Day” is part of Romania’s cultural heritage and the holiday, dates back into the mists of time and is usually celebrated by offering small handcrafted gifts adorned with white and red strings wrapped in a bow. The red and white stand for love, hope and good luck and the objects are usually gifted to girls and women to be worn throughout March as a way of welcoming and celebrating spring.  

The handcrafted tokens gifted by the kids had been secretly made by them over the last few weeks. The “Fab four” Darius, Cristina, Rebeca, Andrei and Nicoleta used all their imagination and creativity to work with newly acquired skills with the help and support of their Occupational Therapist and they made some very beautiful “martisoare” in their arts & crafts workshops. The heart-shaped “martisoare” made from clay were then engraved with the names of the children in the little family that make up the Hospice. All this hard work focussed on saying thanks to the wonderful women who take care of them every day with tender loving care. The children expressed all their gratitude by offering their tokens of affection, each and every one, presented with the broadest smiles and giggles. Everyone had a fantastic day and the atmosphere was laden with happiness and a strong sense of personal achievement.

All our St Margaret’s  would like to dedicate these full of love “martisoare” to those great supporters and wonderful friends who continue to help take care and offer life help and hope to some  wonderful children.

 Our little CID family would like to send our warmest greetings to CID ‘supporters in the UK and they especially share good wishes of “love hope and good luck” to all the wonderful women in our extended family of care. Have a wonderful first of March and a very happy spring!

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