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Spring Cleaning at Saint Cristofer’s Centre

All work and no play makes for  a wonderful day  

Spring has sprung, the grass is ris, 
I wonder where the boidies is 
The boid is on the wing, 
But that’s absoid 
From what I hoid  
The wing is on the boid!

Spring is here at last, after a long and cold winter and several snowstorms! The sun is shining and winter’s chill is a thing of the past. The local kids are enjoying the warmer temperatures, chirping birds and nature is awakening. It is the best time to reorganise, declutter and do some very much-needed spring-cleaning of the Centre’s garden.

Spring-cleaning is the order of the day at Saint Cristofer’s and the youngsters have been called to action. The garden flowers, fruit trees and bushes must be trimmed and pruned, fallen branches and leaves and other debris thrown away to make room for new growth and a little bit of landscaping is also in order. The staff even managed to take care of maintenance and have fun doing it.

Mr. Badea, a long-standing team member, decided it was time to prune the fruit trees. The children didn’t want to miss the opportunity to learn more about the beauty nature and gathered around him to watch the entire process and learn some important tips. Everyone got actively involved thus some kids piled up the dried branches and others carried them away. It was a hive of industry! Towards the end of the day, after endless debates about how and where to prune, just how must of the branches, and what the tree should look like, everyone seemed to be an expert, our fruit tree grooming aficionados having spent a wonderful day enjoying the great outdoors!

It is a real pleasure to see children so invested and intent to learn, gather knowledge and have fun while doing it. Not a word was said about exhaustion and when asked if they liked being a part of our traditional spring cleaning works, the children unanimously agreed that they couldn’t wait for the next day and new adventures in the Centre’s garden. Next on our learning agenda by mutual agreement is an art therapy workshop where the children can craft decorative objects, which will then be used to beautify the gardens. Everyone is looking forward to it! 

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