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Izabela’s easy does it approach is sure to succeed

Walking with a little encouragement and support from a bed. 

Although she is now four, Izabela progress continues to amaze. Despite her difficult and complex diagnosis, which includes hearing impairment and psychomotor delay she never complains. Her day is packed with therapy aimed at stimulating her development and usually the activities are both stretching and intense. Most children with ‘normal’ development acquire various behaviours early on, without too much struggle or a second thought from their caregivers. In Izabela’s case, she needs to work hard for everything and sometimes results seem so small, as to go unregistered by those around

Recently having started to walk albeit with a little help and encouragement, Izabela has taken another significant step on her recovery programme: she has started to show interest in what is going on around her, especially when adults are doing a variety of chores. She has learned to play on her own with colourful toys and now interacts well with her peers and adults. She is glad when everyone around applauds her efforts determination and effort and usually rewards the cheers with a big beaming smile. Various other skills and abilities have been subject of intense therapy over the last few months, independent hand washing or learning to imitate an adult’s actions for instance. Izabela progress may seem insignificant to the casual observer but for her, each step forward means the world and all of us, at the Children in Distress Charity Alliance, well we are simply extremely happy and proud of “Izabela’s achievements as the little girl who never gives up or gives in”

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