Ukrainian Refugee Crisis Update


Children in Distress’ Chief Executive Officer, provides an update on our ongoing support of Ukrainian refugees:

“This is what I feel after the second weekend spent in Vama Isaccea.

“This time we organized a group of 13 people with a specific purpose: to take help to Vama Isaccea and bring as many Ukrainian refugees as possible to Bucharest (women, children, elderly).

“Each one was involved with their own resources: personal car, allocated time, financial resources.

“That was an impressive number of donations (around 3 tons) all kinds: clothes, toys, food, intimate hygiene, strollers, food for animals, accommodation, etc.

“This weekend we:

  • helped 45 people with transport, accommodation and table, for an indefinite period, from Vama Isaccea in Bucharest and surroundings
  • Took about 3 tons of collected supplies from Bucharest to Vama Isaccea and distributed them to the responsible ones
  • Shared flowers to EVERY woman / girl who is in Vama Isaccea and believe me that it was from afar the gesture that made them smile the most and take us in our arms!
  • Monitor help groups and constantly connect people who need help with those who offer it, and doing so only from safe and verifiable sources.

“Heartfelt thanks to ALL those who were involved and who were with us with material, financial and moral support and who understood that it is a special situation, that needs the involvement of everyone.”