A day in the pool







How can one stay cool during the summer’s heatwave?

At St. Margaret’s, we like to prepare our stays in the sun and to cool off in our pool. Similar to previous years, in July, our courtyard turns into a huge space where we like to hang out and splash around.

Access to an outdoor pool is challenging, especially for children with disabilities so we like to bring the pool to our fun house. As one can probably imagine, this is the most anticipated moment of the summer. After preparing the water to make sure it is at a reasonable temperature for all children, the fun officially begins. Swimming in the pool becomes the children’s favourite activity and highlight of the day. They all try on their bathing suits, prepare their floating toys and load their water pistols. Although for some of them getting ready seems to be daunting, in the end everything transforms into an adventure and the kids get used to the new set up. Water splashes around and laughter of children can be heard from afar. After spraying each other mercilessly with their pistols or splashing around with their hands, next it’s time to play with water toys like mini boats, balls, ducklings, etc. followed by the long-awaited water pistol fights. Even the adults do not escape unscathed from this real gunfight. The children’s greatest pleasure is to get us soaked from head to toe. That’s how they know their mission was accomplished for the day. What can we say, sometimes fun comes with sacrifices but nobody complains as it is so hot that a little bit of water is welcomed.

After each busy summer day spent at the pool the children fall asleep and the afternoon hours bring a well-deserved nap.

These are the coolest summer days when the children in St. Margaret’s house learn about the small joys of childhood and understand that living with disabilities does not mean living without happy moments.