A new kid joins our family of love and care:









We are delighted to let you know that the children from St. Andrew’s Centre have welcomed a new “little brother” in their dorm and their family of love.

Mihnea is a wonderful young boy, a beautiful and ever smiling kid, aged 1yr & 2 months. Born on 30/04/2020, Mihnea’s diagnosis is global developmental delay, microcephaly, and congenital strabismus.

Mihnea comes from a family that includes his Mum and maternal Gran. His Mum is young and inexperienced. At present, his parents are separated. Until recently both his Mum and Gran have done everything in their power to cover everything at home but, ultimately concluded that they do not have proper training to take care of the medical aspects involved in his everyday life and decided to place him in a specialized centre that covers all the care and therapy needs Mihnea’s upbringing requires.

Gran offered Mihnea all her love and care and he is used to having people around, to being paid attention to and he depends on having people who like to engage and entertain him.

Since his arrival at the centre, it was clear that he is sociable, he communicates well with his peers, he likes to be engaged, to have people around, enjoys hearing voices and being talked to, he co-operates well during his feedings, he opens his mouth when food is offered as he is still on a diet that includes purees and Nan formula.

At present he is adapting well to his new environment and to his new friends. Mum calls the centre periodically to make inquiries about him and to provide details about the time he spent at home with his family, his preferences, and daily routine. He is already popular among our staff members and enjoys being spoiled and we hope he will get used to his new cozy home.

We would like to welcome Mihnea to St. Andrews!

We hope he will continue to be the happy and smiley little boy he has been since his arrival!