A quick appeal from St, Christopher’s Curtea de Arges brings the community together in helping a single-parent family with three beautiful children.


Miruna’s family, one of the children who regularly attends the centre’s educational activities and creative workshops developed at our facility, is going through rough times. She has an older sister and a baby brother, and the trio enjoy their days spent at the centre, doing their homework under our team’s guidance, participating in activities and learning how to use their hands and creative side.

Sadly, their Mum’s health has deteriorated in the last few years and with no high-school diploma it’s simply impossible to find a stable work. The cost of prescription medications, the cold winter months and upsetting experiences with people who don’t give their Mum a chance have transformed the family’s life into a challenging experience.

But their daily woes were heard by the people from our close-knit community, with the help of Help, Hope & Hospice Association, everyone decided to lend them a helping hand to better navigate such stressful times. We gathered a team and together and went shopping for groceries to make sure the family has proper meals and that the children don’t go to sleep hungry. The list included healthy fruits, vegetables and greens, meat and one or two treats for the little ones.

We delivered them to Miruna’s home and were welcomed by smiling faces and warm hugs. Miruna was impressed and she couldn’t believe that all the food was for her loved ones. She confessed that she is beyond thrilled to know that their soup will have meat and not be the forever onion soup they are used to and that their Mum can have dinner along them and not lie that she ate before their return from school.

We feel extremely blessed to be able to stand by their side and help whenever the going gets rough and we will do our best to continue our mission. Miruna is a young and bright young lady and she deserves the best life has to offer.