A story about Oana.

Oana is a wonderful little girl who thoroughly enjoys any project she is involved in. She was very keen to get down to work and craft beautiful artisanal objects during our arts and crafts workshops. She is dedicated, hard-working and resilient and finishes tasks without any problems.

Lately, her progress and school grades make her teachers smile and make our hearts swell with pride, especially as she participated in an important Romanian Language Olympiad.

Her parents are separated, and she lives with her Mum and sister. They share a home and a balanced relationship based on respect and affection. Her big sister who is a high-school student now, used to come to the center too and was involved in the educational and tuition programmes.

Her Gran is her confidante and assistant at home when her Mum and sis are away, but her age and being on prescribed medication sometimes mean the supervising is the other way around. Sadly, their home needs a lot of improvements and during the winter months it can get very cold.

Oana always impressed us with her quiet and confident way of behaving as she never asks for help, never complains, and always focuses on what needs to be done. She is polite, attentive, involved and likes to take care of others, to listen to their needs and opinions and to lend a helping hand to younger children.

We would like to use this occasion and send a joint message to Oana, on behalf of our team of specialists from St. Christopher’s, and tell her how proud we are of her, of her great school progress and we hope she will continue to get great results and reach her dreams, no matter how high they might seem.