A summer of firsts: first time at the seaside is always memorable









The first time a child goes to the seaside is a unique and memorable event. It’s that moment when they see the endless blue water hugging the horizon for the first time and those tiny feet touch the warm sand. That’s why we wanted from the bottom of our hearts to bring this joy and fantastic moment in the lives of special children from our family of care.

With the help of our sponsors, who provided a minivan, the children from CID’s St. Margaret’s house were able to travel to the seaside for the first time in their lives.

We selected a beach equipped for people with disabilities. Feeling excited we started preparing our first holiday and got on packing for the great adventure that was about to happen.

The entire trip to the seaside was truly joyful. We sang, laughed, and had lots of fun.  From time to time the sole disruptor was the question “are we there yet?”.

After a three-hour journey we finally got there. As expected, the children’s joy filled the space. Squeals, impatience to get to the water and dive in and the excitement of the first sea encounter took over the children. For each of them the first experience was unique and personal. Yzabela enjoyed every moment spent in the water and refused to return to the beach. Andrei, Cristiana and Alexandru were a bit anxious at first but with a little bit of help and support they overcame their fears and decided to build castles in the sand accompanied by our volunteers and staff members.

Alexandru and Cristina had fun in their floating armchairs prepared by the volunteers on the beach. This is how they could get in the water for the first time and enjoy a safe experience. After a little bit of getting used to the water, they jumped out of their floating armchairs and dived in the waves using special floats for children.

Stefan, although reluctant at first, got in the water for the first time accompanied by Mr. George, our Foundation’s driver, or “Dad” as Stefan likes to call him.

Daniel surprised us all. Although back home he is usually a frightened mouse when we invite him to play in the pool, he felt in his element at the seaside and instantly relaxed. He got in the water feeling confident, enjoyed the waves, searched for seashells and when he got tired, he continued to play building castles in the sand. And let’s not forget about Elena! She was so fascinated by the entire experience that she exclaimed, to our delight “Huge pool!” After a first round of splashing around in the water we calmed our ravenous tummies by eating slices from a delicious pizza. Next, as it was expected, we took another dive in the water and splashed around for one last time before our departure. Although the time seemed short the experience was truly unforgettable, and it was worth it. On our way back home, the kids got quiet after a long day in the sun and dozed off until we arrived at the Centre. These moments will forever be in our hearts and the experience of the first time going to the seaside will be carried in our souls for the rest of our lives.

The next day all the children were waiting for us and asking “Did the minibus arrive? When do we go to visit the big pool one more time?

We would like to use this occasion and thank Alsys Travel, our volunteers and colleagues who supported us in this wonderful experience and we hope that next year we can bring this joy back to the hearts of our children. That “Mummy, I like going to the seaside” said by Stefan and the other kids is the perfect incentive for which they deserve all the efforts made by the kind hearts who support them.