A visit from dear friends.

On Wednesday 25th July, the children from St. Andrew’s Centre had the pleasure of welcoming a few old faces, Miss Valentina Zaharia, CID’s CEO and Mr. Alisdair Barron MBE, CID’s President.

Our special guests are already familiar with each child’s background, diagnosis and incredible life story as well as their progress and the latest developments in their life.

Like previous visits, they got to exchange opinions, ideas and smiles with the team of dedicated professionals who take care of the children every day, catching up with medical staff and specialists in order to discuss each child’s progress.

Claudia amazed our visitors with her tremendous progress as during the last years she seems to have blossomed beyond belief.  She did a lot of growing up and transformed into a beautiful teenager who will soon turn 14 years old.

Izabela, another adorable member of our family of care and Claudia’s foster baby sister, delighted the audience with her outgoing personality, socialising skills and playfulness.

Everyone had a fantastic day in great company and the children had the chance to enjoy their time outdoors and the special company.

Thank you for the meaningful moments spent together and for always dedicating time and effort in making sure the children’s interests are always respected.

Sending you both all our love and best wishes and may you continue to have a wonderful summer!