Alexandru’s Himalayan Climb.

Alexandru Tudose is a big hearted business man, who has built up an extensive construction company developing industrial units from nothing. He uses his wide sales experience and exceptional social responsibility to focus on a range of humanitarian and educational causes. He is also an inspirational business coach and motivational speaker intent on helping others.

CID’s Himalaya Climb4Dreams aims to support the work of CID Ro which in 2019 celebrates a 30 year mission of service and care “making a better today for children who may have no tomorrow”

Today CID Ro has some 18,000 children in a variety of care projects. Alexandru is determined to help these kids and intends to ascend the 6,119 metres of the Himalayas Lobuche East Peak, just to prove that ordinary people can achieve their dreams. He hopes to send the message, that there are children for whom even simplest things present an overwhelming challenge, but his is a call to action for those who would like to help those children, who deserve every encouragement and the best opportunity to be the best that they can be! Alexandru sees himself as a normal, ordinary if reasonably energetic guy, but he knows that if there is a will, and dedicated support team around you, there is always a way, and anything is possible! Two years ago, he decided to expand his horizons and test his limits. So he trained for several months to scale all 5,895 metres of Mount Kilimanjaro.

This spring, he will join a climbing party on their March 19 – April 6, expedition, to climb the 6,119 metres of the Himalayan Lobuche East Peak, the initial challenge for those who seek to conquer Everest.

Himalayan expeditions are not solo challenges so from March 19 – April 6, this year with guide Sorin Fitu from Solaris Travels & Vertical Adventures, in the lead, Angela Deac, Remy Patulea, Traian Hasas, Razvan Căprița, Marius Cismaru, Lazăr Toma, Sorin Fitu, and Alexandru will be on the climb.

CID Ro weekly budget for a child in palliative, respite or end of life care is little more than £1,600, please help and donate online at or call a member of staff on 0141 559 5690 to make a credit card donation.