An emotional reunion for Sara and her Mum after a long pandemic year







Towards the end of last week Sara’s Mum popped in at the Centre for a visit and quality time with her daughter.

This past year has been a tough one as all visits were banned due to the ongoing pandemic. One-on-one visits and interactions between the legal guardians and children were avoided in order to protect the little ones and help them in their fight against COVID19.

At the beginning of the worldwide pandemic, the centre imposed drastic measures to protect both the staff and children who were tested every couple of weeks. We are delighted to report the children are doing well, they are stable and are enjoying their daily activities according to their tailored schedule, similar to previous years.

This time, Sara’s Mum discussed her progress with the social worker, and she was invited for a session at the centre. On May 26 we celebrated Sara’s birthday as she turned 3 years old, so it was a great opportunity for mother and daughter to catch up and spend some time together.

The reunion was truly emotional, and the picture taken on the date speaks volumes about the duo’s get together. Even if they were not able to sit side by side in the same room or at the table and Mum could not hold her daughter tight, she was able to see her after an exceptionally long year using the ward’s door window.

They were so close yet so far away and we hope in the future visits and physical contact will be allowed as it greatly benefits the children’s recovery. With teary eyes Mum wishes “Happy Birthday” to her treasured daughter. She was delighted to see her looking good and well taken care of and promised to keep in touch via phone more often to make inquiries about her daughter’s wellbeing and to find out first-hand when regular visits will be allowed.