An unexpected belated birthday gift brightens Madalin’s day

Madelin with Ian’s ideal gifts

One generous member of CID’s extended family of care and of Madalin; in particular Dr. Ian Howell is a well-wisher who likes to mark important dates in the life of the children in our care. This year, Dr. Howell enquired in advance, what Madalin would like for his birthday. Madalin’s passion for toys and gadgets, especially his amusement and fondness for puzzles or colourful devices that light up and play music. Therefore, his ‘far-away’ friend took note and indicated that he has something special in mind. As of late, Madalin has been in an amicable competition with his chum Izabela, the staff call it “the duel of the roses”. Both are avid fans of puzzle & games. Izabella can spend hours  making shapes or finding the pieces that go together and is not particularly keen in sharing her objects of desire with uninitiated hands. When a new game is introduced, it normally takes some time for it to be discovered, analysed, favourite features identified, followed by a moment when the music stops as the two begin to quarrel about who shall use it first or play with it more. However, they eventually find it in their hearts to share the toy, only after having been gently coaxed to do so and to cooperate as good siblings would.

Ian sent Madalin two different games, one features a water world filled with marine creatures and the other is  musical “my first tablet” toy, that teaches children how to count from 1 to 10, sounds made by various animals and when its buttons are pressed colourful lights come into play. Madalin was delighted to see the present and clapped his hands in excitement. He was so excited that he couldn’t decide which game should he try first but after moments of indecision he started playing with them followed by a careful placement of the items on his bed, the “no-go” area for other kids, especially for Izabela who enjoys “ransacking” his belongings, when she gets bored with her own toys. We can only hope that Madalin shares his new games with Izabela during the next couple of days, after their novelty wears off.

We send gratitude and best wishes to Dr. Howell for thinking of Madalin in mind and for such a wonderful surprises! Your kindness brightens our days and help Madalin stay focused, entertained and active, which is an important feature in his progress.