An update on Alexandru’s recent setback in sitting his Baccalaureate diploma

Alexandru “Always look on the bright side of life”

So far, the latest challenge has been full of twists and turns however, we continue to keep the hope that in the end, he will manage to receive this coveted diploma and complete his studies. We believe he deserves to graduate and move on with his life, perhaps find the way to becoming a fully integrated adult.

As we reported, Alexandru passed his oral and practical examinations in February of this year and he managed to get satisfactory results, which helped him, enlist for the written examinations, which were scheduled in June. However things did not go as planned, for when the final lists were published, Alexandru’s name could not be found since apparently, his school had lost the academic records of his 9th grade spent studying elsewhere, so Alexandru was barred from the first session of written examinations.

Since then things have become clearer and the school where Alexandru is currently enrolled clarified the situation with the Don Orione staff could explain to Alexandru what actually happened and why he was not allowed to pass the examinations. Apparently, the school year Alexandru had spent studying at Saint Filofteia Inclusive Education Centre in Arges County was not taken into consideration by the educations authorities as that institution lacks accreditation. Alexandru will have to complete another year of studies before he will be able to sit his written examinations.

Alexandru has been very adult about this disappointment and has chosen to see the silver lining in this entire situation. As he sees it, he will have the opportunity to complete another year of studies, to better prepare for his finals, besides, he is also already used to everything after this year’s practical exams. All of us at CID hope he will use this year to his advantage, study hard, and come next summer, take the exams with flying colours.