Ana Maria comes to St Margaret’s Hospice hopefully to flourish surrounded by its unique care system

Ana Maria on admission

The summer has heralded hope and care for a new arrival at St Margaret’s, Ana Maria Sararu has come to join out family of care. Aged seventeen, Anna Maria is exceptionally frail, small,under nourished and in need of  a great deal of help, support and specialised care to ensure she has a future.

Until she was nine, Ana Maria was cared for by her family, but due to her complex diagnosis and care needs, her Mother decided that she required care in specialist state facility, to address her complex rehabilitation and care since increasingly this could no longer be delivered at home. At birth, Ana Maria was diagnosed with spastic tetraparesis, microcephaly, epilepsy and severe retardation as result she requires round the clock medical care, close monitoring and periodical evaluations by physicians and other medical practitioners, combined with specific therapy and intense rehabilitation physiotherapy  to help manage and minimise her condition. Once in care, Ana Maria had been passed from centre to centre in the state system until a representative of the Local Authority’s Social Care Department inquired if CID Saint Margaret’s could offer her respite care within the hospice. In doing so tacitly acknowledging that the Foundation’s Bucharest hospice, provides a unique mix of European-standards facility and specialist care that will cater to Ana Maria’s very specific care needs.

Once the paperwork was finalised,  Ana Maria was admitted and warmly welcomed with open arms by CID’s small dedicated care team, who intend that  she feels included, safe, secure and well-cared for, being  looked after by this  close-knit professional medical care team, who are  set on helping her make progress every day. More importantly, that she feels at ease in her new family and home. Therefore, the warmest of welcomes, all of us in CID are pleased to have you as a member of our extended family of care.