Andreea and Loredana bring back gold medals and cheer our day!


Andreea and Loredana, the “fantastic two” as we call them, arrived at St Christopher’s with gold medals and exciting news. After many months of practice and training, hours spent learning new moves with their coach, the two saw their dream come true and finished the basketball tournament and, to top it all, won first place!

A certificate and beautiful gold medal were their prizes. We were overjoyed and as a small gift for their hard work, provided fresh foods and fruits for them to take home to their families, who struggle with various hardships.

Andreea and Loredana kept us entertained with their stories about the game, and the public that cheered and encouraged them. Both were helped by their team of talented girls and their coach.

So much has changed since Andreea and Loredana arrived at the St Christopher’s for the first time. Then they were shy and withdrawn. How much has changed! We encourage all kids to choose a sport and practice, to open doors to new opportunities. With the help of their basketball practice, both girls understand it is in their power to learn, to prove they are the best and can overcome challenges.