Animal Assisted Therapy and Activities


Last Monday was a day full of happiness and enthusiasm. We were delighted to be a part of an emotional reunion, full of energising and uplifting activities.

Molly and Betty, our canine friends, honoured us with their presence along with a group of wonderful people from Animal Assisted Therapy and Activities from Bucharest.

Our four-legged friends cheer our day!

 St. Margaret’s kids had the opportunity to play along with these two gorgeous dogs for an entire day. For some of them it was something outstanding and daring, as they had to overcome their fears to pet them for the first time in their lives.

Cristiana was a bit shy and not in her element during our special canine visit, so she decided to watch the games from afar and not get up close and personal with Molly and Betty. It was a first for her, seeing dogs and watching them in action so we understood her mixed feelings. In time, she will learn to enjoy a dog’s company and perhaps learn to trust them more.

On the other hand, Andrei and Stefan surprised us with their audacity and they proved to everyone they are big boys who are not afraid of such friendly dogs.  They fed our two furry friends and petted them whenever they got close.

Everything and everyone was full of energy and having so much fun. We shared many hugs, laughs, smiles and jokes and the children got to understand how to behave in the company of dogs, how to feed and touch them and make them feel secure so that their friendship becomes a reliable resort that never fails.

Dogs are truly man’s best friends and in the case of children, beautiful companions that teach little ones about unhindered affection and real friendship. We had a wonderful day and we are looking forward to our furry friends’ next visits. The children made everyone promise it will happen again in the near future and we said yes because their smiles and sheer happiness mean the world to us!