Another success graces our house of love and care










It seems that October was the month of good news and success all the way for our family of care!

Anastasia, the adorable baby we welcomed to our home with open hearts, returned at the Centre following an oesophageal remodelling surgical intervention.

After months of waiting and wishful thinking, Anastasia was finally operated on. During the intervention the doctors reconstructed the oesophagus using a section from her colon thus offering the possibility to enjoy normal eating in the future without the use of a gastric tube.

The doctors confirmed that the intervention was a success and from this moment on Anastasia will go through a long learning and accommodation phase.

During her last days in the hospital she started to learn how to enjoy food like the rest of us. She is gradually getting the hang of sipping water from a spoon or drinking from a bottle, even if at first it was not easy nor pleasant. This is the reason why the doctors used the gastric tube feedings until she was switched to mouth.

During the entire hospital stay her mum and our Centre’s caretakers were by her side taking care of her every need and helping her get used to leading a normal and hopefully an easier life.

The first days following the surgery were pretty rough and Anastasia refused to eat food using her mouth but her return at the centre helped her entire recovery process. Gradually she accepted to drink water and formula, mashed foods and soups.

In the interim her parents visited her constantly. The Centre’s caretakers guided and counselled them regarding the way she must be fed and cared for and the specialized social workers, following the mother’s request, kick started the family reintegration proceedings.

Together we celebrated the first anniversary in our special girl’s life, towards the end of October. The parents prepared a wonderful surprise, a delicious cake and nice gifts.

All the kids were excited to be able to spend quality time together with Anastasia upon her return to our home and she was happy to receive the attention!

Shortly after, the Board for Child Protection Sector 3 approved the family reintegration and Anastasia left St. Margaret’s Centre Thursday, November 11, 2021, together with her loving parents.

We are confident Anastasia will make a swift and complete recovery and we hope she will get to enjoy her childhood years in peace together with her parents and siblings! This is the perfect outcome we dream of for each child found in our care, these happy days when each child’s story gets a second chance to be rewritten with hope, optimism and lots of accomplishments!