Ayr Shoebox Appeal a ‘Scottish all time record’

The ‘lassies’ or more correctly the’ ladies’ of Newton and Wallacetown Parish Church and partner parishes in Ayr and Troon have long been stalwart supporters of Children in Distress, both as prolific knitters and as supporters of the Annual Christmas Shoebox Appeal. Over years, six or nearer  seven thousand infants, children or young adults have had cause to give thanks for the beautifully hand knitted jumpers, cardigans hats, gloves and scarves that keep them warm in winter. Hundreds more families, patients and senior citizens  have enjoyed the knitted, crocheted  and patchwork quilts that has graced our hospices or given hope and relieved the boredom of life in drab wards and care rooms  hospices, hospitals and old folks and residential care units.

When it comes to Shoebox Appeal, everyone take a different approach, some open their doors as collection points but the ‘Girls’ in Ayr begin collecting as soon as the last box is uplifted and throughout the start to buy bits and pieces to bring a little joy next time round. They finance this though coffee mornings and craft fairs and each freely gives of their time to scrounge hundreds of shoeboxes, cover them in festive paper wrap and fill them with everything that is and a kid might want, treats, books, pencils, toys and warm woolly hats, scarves and gloves.

Two decades ago when this first began it was based within the Church Women’s Guild, today the effort reached out in the community even to nearby  Hansel Village, where those living in sheltered care do their bit of those in need living on the other side of Europe. The enormous effort, this year, was mastermind and co-ordinated by Marion Mulvanney and Cathy Rowan, who despite having care commitment at home, still managed to achieve an all-time record box collection of 585 boxes ,brim full of love. This much appreciated record achievement has taken a deal of effort from everyone involved, so in January there will be period of refection to see if and how their contribution to the work of the Charity might be continued. Our thanks goes to everyone who has contributed over the year to packers, stackers and the loaders who help the boxes on their way

Our thanks and best wishes go out to everyone involved you are all record breakers