Bianca continues to amaze us with her determination and kindness.

Bianca has grown into a lovely young lady, and is thriving in our unconventional family of love and care. Cheerful and optimistic personality she loves to crack jokes and help everyone feel relaxed and at ease around her.

Abandoned by her mum, she remained in the care of her father and paternal Gran.

Sadly two months ago, she lost her Dad to a cruel disease, although she tells everyone that her Dad went to a better place.

She wants to become a policewoman and is willing to work hard, learn a lot and get ready to pass the Police Academy’s tough exams. She would like to become a person able to bring justice where there is so much injustice.

Bianca is in the 8th grade, and is going through a stressful time as the national evaluation exams are swiftly approaching and her family life does not bring her comfort.

She misses her Dad, his optimism, his way of encouraging her to carry on and her Gran is getting on in years and is not in a situation to provide for a child found in this special moment in life, when a career path can be transformed into reality. She has to continue to get good grades so that she will be able to continue her studies at a good high school.

When somebody looks at Bianca she immediately acknowledges and like to offer kind smiles in return, although she is always sad on the inside. She remains an inspiration to us all as she continues to fight, to offer kind words and encouragement to her friends and people at Saint Christopher’s Centre and her deep gaze and kindness can move mountains.

Bianca is a special young lady who needs all our help and support to be able to continue her life and reach her dreams.