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Created in 1989, the foundation has run programs for children with disabilities and has built residential centres for children infected with HIV / AIDS, those with severe neurological disease and street children. For 30 years, Children in Distress has cared for over 18,000 children. On Tuesday April 16th, Her Royal Highness Princess Maria & the … Continued

Everyone in our unconventional family of love and care, both children and staff alike, have been looking forward to celebrating Izabela’s birthday. During the last couple of weeks, the centre’s family physician and medical staff have been constantly monitoring Izabela to avoid her getting chickenpox, and the party was postponed until everyone was sure she … Continued

Bianca has grown into a lovely young lady, and is thriving in our unconventional family of love and care. Cheerful and optimistic personality she loves to crack jokes and help everyone feel relaxed and at ease around her. Abandoned by her mum, she remained in the care of her father and paternal Gran. Sadly two … Continued

Spring has finally arrived and although the sun is up and shining, the temperatures are not there yet as the cold winds keep it at a cool 15 degrees. Here at Saint Christopher’s, we have already organised our schedule and got outside to do some very much needed gardening. We worked like busy bees cleaning … Continued

When Vlad arrived at our centre, the medical staff and doctors spent a lot of time getting to know him better.  They monitored his behaviour and needs so that they could learn as much as they could and provide appropriate care, nutrition and an emergency protocol according to his diagnosis. In his case, he required … Continued