In February 2019 we will be continuing the campaign which is currently developing throughout 18 schools entitled: “Different but together in a better-informed community” An awareness campaign dedicated to local communities and the Romanian public. This time we visited several day-care facilities, namely “La Turn” kindergarten and “Lilo Club” in Chiajna, an area near Bucharest. … Continued

G. and A. are siblings. They were both diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Having a somewhat different child in Romania is hard enough but having two is quite an unspeakable ordeal. Everyone struggles to understand and to accept the harsh reality and the parents were faced with numerous questions revolving around the idea that maybe … Continued

Although the winter holidays are long gone, the children continue to want to share and receive help whenever they need it the most. We are very proud of our close-knit group here at the centre, these kind children who continue to surprise us with their wonderful and very different personalities. Recently, they told us a … Continued

At present our country is facing a medical crisis as an increasing number of flu cases and deaths have been reported during the last couple of months. The poor weather conditions seem to play a crucial role. Since medical institutions in our country have reported numerous cases diagnosed with influenza, there is a possibility that … Continued