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If you would like to follow us on Facebook, just follow these simple steps!   Step 1  Open your own personal Facebook account Step 2  Using the search bar at the top, type in ‘Children in Distress’   A list will appear, and you will recognize the charity as the logo is displayed.   Step … Continued

The entire month of March is special, a month that announces the arrival of Spring. The children at St. Christopher’s Centre were invited to offer gifts from the heart and to rejoice they were given the opportunity to bring a ray of light and hope into other people’s lives. Heart to heart was the day … Continued

Alexandru’s is one of the winners of the prized Dr. Michael Janson Scholarships. In his case our expectations were met as he continues to be a straight A pupil. In a respectful and considerate way, Alexandru wanted to prove to the people who supported him helped, taught and trusted him, who remained by his side, … Continued

With the spread of COVID-19, this is a worrying time for all of us. But we wanted to let our supporters know that all the children in our care are safe and well-looked after in their loving homes. And they have a message for us all; that everything will be fine! And to prove it … Continued

When one of our shops recently found itself without a manager, Children in Distress’s head office thought that we would need to close shop and lose the very much needed income that our little shops provide. We didn’t however bank on our army of volunteers, some of whom have been volunteering since the shop opened, … Continued