Today we had lots of fun in the sun, another blissful day spent in the St. Margaret’s courtyard surrounded by friends and doing the things we like the most. The weather is truly fantastic, so we planned numerous outdoor activities to challenge our imagination and please our hearts. We love decorating our welcoming little home, … Continued

On May 30, Saint Andrew’s Centre team had the pleasure of welcoming a large group of foreign students. Some of them have travelled from Spain, Italy and Greece for the amazing experience of being an exchange student. They were offered the opportunity to participate in a programme that focuses on social services working methods, travel … Continued

At long last summer has arrived after many cold and rainy days. It is time to go outside, explore nature and plan many play-dates for our mischievous lot. On a particularly sunny and bright day this week, we woke up bright and early in the morning and went outside for some very much-needed physiotherapy to … Continued

Towards the end of last week Sara Banu, one of our extended family of care turned 1 year old. An important milestone for her, a special moment for us and an opportunity to get together and have some very much-needed fun. She arrived at Saint Andrew’s when she was just 4 months old and her … Continued

                                                            Last Monday was a day full of happiness and enthusiasm. We were delighted to be a part of an emotional reunion, full of energising and … Continued