Towards the end of last week Sara’s Mum popped in at the Centre for a visit and quality time with her daughter. This past year has been a tough one as all visits were banned due to the ongoing pandemic. One-on-one visits and interactions between the legal guardians and … Continued

We are delighted to inform you that towards the end of last week another child joined our St. Andrew’s family of love and care, born on September 20, 2020, named Vasile, diagnosed with type I gangliosides, floppy infant syndrome and global developmental delay. Vasile was born prematurely at 28 weeks at Polizu Hospital in Bucharest. … Continued

      Children in Distress’ 2021 Annual General meeting will take place on Wednesday 16 June 2021 at 12 noon and will be conducted via Zoom. For further information, please email:  

            Izabela was born into a family in which her parents and grandparents are deaf-and-dumb. She also inherited this disability, hearing very weak with one ear, with the other not at all. Iza does not speak and because she has a tracheostoma, she can’t produce any sounds. To help her … Continued

                We are very sorry to have to say our last goodbye to our dear Bianca. After a week in which she fought for her life, unfortunately her heart gave up on Sunday 25th of April 2021. In a very short time, Bianca’s health deteriorated, and she needed … Continued