Celebrating Adelina’s 12th Birthday

This week we had the pleasure of celebrating Adelina 12th birthday! Time passes quickly in our St Andrew’s Centre and it feels just like yesterday we first met Adelina. She has now been member of our family for some time now. Everyone adores her and she enjoys being the centre of attention. We are so happy Adelina has made progress with the help of our dedicated team using a personalized programme with sensory activities in a safe and secure environment where her needs are met and she feels treasured and loved.

Our team, of course, organised a party to celebrate this important occasion, with everyone gathered about a birthday cake to sing to Adelina, who was surrounded by her friends. Two of these, Claudia and Izabela, led the festivities, roles they were very happy to take as usual.

If singing and cakes are key to birthday parties so too are presents and Adelina was delighted to receive musical gifts and a pretty princess toy, which will stay by her side ready to be played with.