Celebrating International Children’s Day

Happiness was the order of the day on June 1st. We celebrated International Children’s Day at St. Margaret’s in the nicest possible way through songs, jolly -good fun and welcoming many guests who put smiles on our children’s faces. The children who reside in the cosy and inviting home located on Radu de la Afumati Street were the focus of all adults present at the celebration and together we had a fantastic time.

This special day was packed-full of surprises. A group of Provident volunteers installed a new playground for the children and the courtyard’s latest and very-much welcomed addition includes a slide, a swing and a basketball hoop for the children to try their hand at this entertaining sport. Andrei participated in the entire process and he was backed by his friends from the Centre in helping the adults mount the pieces together. The children were quite skilled and proved everyone they know what they are doing. Alexandru had the pleasure of using a slide for the first time in his life and we were blessed to be a part of this special moment for him. Everyone could read his intense emotions and his face gleamed with hope. Cristina started clapping when she realised this is how one should feel when at the playground. It was a day of firsts for our children and we couldn’t be more thankful to our supporters for their generous gift.

Andrei, Stefan, Ioan and Cristiana were also present, proud members of this unconventional band of brothers and sisters. They happily tested the slides and had so much fun on the new playground. The day included other surprises, this time tasty treats for our happy group, lots of delicious cherries and strawberries.

Dessert is their favourite part of a meal so after some cheering, everyone got to taste a delicious slice of cake so for the first time during the day, we had a moment of silence to catch our breath for the next playground session.

The entire courtyard was decorated with beautiful balloons, colourful ones that matched all our positive emotions. It was a fantastic 1st of June and we created beautiful memories we will surely treasure forever.

Happy Children’s Day!