Celebrating Maria’s birthday







Maria has been a member of our St. Margaret’s unconventional family of care since forever. She has always been surrounded with tender loving care, unconditional love, and lots of attention. But time flies by, relatively fast, and our existence is usually a sum of great memories and unforgettable moments. Our little one has grown up a lot and she has reached an important milestone stepping into adulthood, a moment any teenager aspires to, because, from now on, she can make her own decisions in her own special way. Even if things are different in Maria’s case, she was still able to enjoy a beautiful birthday party, a celebration of her fantastic journey and existence, a fabulous moment spent surrounded by her dear family.

On this super special occasion she put on a breezy, flowery summer dress and had a jolly good time. She was placed in the middle of her friends and colleagues, enjoying their attention and caresses. Her face lit up instantly and an indescribable joy could be read on her lips. We do not know if she understood the fact that we were celebrating her birthday, but the fact that she got overwhelmed with the warmth coming from the beautiful people that surrounded her made her feel special and she understood the fact that this day was dedicated to her and that her joy cannot be taken away by anything.

We gathered around her and sang an enthusiastic Happy birthday, which determined our young lady to utter sounds of sheer happiness. She reacted positively when she saw the beautiful cake made of fruits and decorated with delicious white whipped cream. Maria got to taste a bit of her cake and satisfaction made its way on her beautiful face. The children gently patted her back and arms and caressed her face while they wished her all the best and a happy birthday. We were delighted to be able to spend this moment in her company and to celebrate such an important milestone by tasting a delicious slice of anniversary cake. It was a great family day for us all!

Happy birthday, Maria! May you continue to be in good health, our dearest!