Celebrating our very own Heart to heart Day

The entire month of March is special, a month that announces the arrival of Spring. The children at St. Christopher’s Centre were invited to offer gifts from the heart and to rejoice they were given the opportunity to bring a ray of light and hope into other people’s lives. Heart to heart was the day called by our big-hearted children, a day when they could offer their heartfelt congratulations through meaningful cards that include considerate messages towards the ones who understood and supported them and who were always by their side. We are talking about the people who put food on their tables, people who made it possible to celebrate their birthdays for the first time, people who made Christmas and Santa a real event, who offered them advice, people who made it possible to celebrate Children’s International Day in June, to go to school wearing new clothes, to always have school supplies and to live the joys of an excursion for the first time.

The children delegated a representative, as during these trying times we must follow the rules and regulations established by the authorities and protect ourselves from this virus, who would go to these beautiful people and offer them all their love captured in a few lines written from the bottom of their heart. Our children’s innocent hearts impressed, once again, their carers and specialists, brought smiles and feelings of pride to all.