Celebrating Sara’s birthday filled our hearts with joy!









Last month, on May 26th we celebrated Sara’s birthday. At the age of 3 she is the youngest of our group of cheerful young ladies from St. Andrew’s Centre. The years passed by in the blink of an eye and we enjoy remembering the special occasion that brought Sara to our centre, the baptism ceremony organized at the centre surrounded by her family of love and care, her parents and twin brother and some of our centre staff who proudly took on the role of adoptive family.

As Sara’s birthday is close to June 1st, International Children’s Day, we decided to throw a joint party for our young lady and for all the special children who fill our hearts with hope and pride, to celebrate childhood and these wonderful years that will never return.

Izabela was our expert master of ceremonies and with lots of care and joy that could be read in her eyes she carried the party cake and expertly placed it on the table, a delicious chocolate-based recipe, she wanted to light the candle, she fussed around the ward, playing with her friends, and understood that it was a great occasion for her to have some fun. Next, she took her place at the table and patiently waited for our team to serve her a piece of cake. When she finished her mouth was cutely decorated with whipped cream and some delicious cake crumbles.

Sara was joined by her ward colleagues and some of our staff members who sang “Happy Birthday” to her and danced around while proposing fun games. Aside from the beautifully ornate cake Sara received small gifts from our team.

We would like to wish Sara a belated “Happy Birthday” and many happy returns in the company of her sweet family of love and care at St. Andrew’s Centre!