Celebrating Siblings Day.

Sisterly Love


On April 10 we celebrated at Saint Christopher’s Centre, Siblings Day, the official holiday of brothers and sisters around the world. Most of the children who attend the programmes and group activities developed by our staff at the Centre come from big families.

These special children went through a lot during their short existence and the fact that they could always rely on their big brother or sister means a lot to them, especially when they are faced with marginalisation and bullying at school.

Being poor continues to be a social stigma and children usually feel isolated and unable to properly communicate when financial status becomes a hinderance. We had numerous cases when the children were verbally and physically abused at school and their older siblings stepped in to mediate the situation and save their younger brother or sister. Having a large family makes one feel safe and secure and surrounded by real friends.

being and older brother or sister comes with a lot of responsibility for the younger siblings and letting go when they favour a toy or the last bite from a cheese sandwich. Sometimes, the older members get up and leave the little ones around the table to finish up.

Sacrifices must be made but in the end, having brothers and sisters makes life exciting and full of joy.