Celebrating Teacher’s Day at St. Christopher’s.

The children dedicate their handcrafted flowers to their beloved tutors, their guides in life.


On June 5th, we celebrated Teacher’s Day at St. Christopher’s Centre.

A group of outgoing kids who deserve the best life has to offer surprised us with beautiful gifts made by their own hands. With broad smiles on their faces they gifted us flowers modelled by their own talented little hands. They made us feel accomplished professionals as every day we strive to be better for them. Being a teachers means one constantly has to mould minds and souls, to improve and build personalities, to transform kids into balanced adults, tomorrow’s perfectly integrated humans.

Being a teacher means that you can never forget you were once a child yourself and you used to struggle to understand this complex world that surrounds us. Being a teacher means you must sometimes ignore small issues and focus on the bigger picture, as children never make mistakes, they just test their own limits and adults’ limits at the same time. You must never forget to encourage them constantly, to boost their confidence and to remain young at heart for their own sake. A teacher must continue to be a child, on the inside, who constantly reinforces adult social rules with kindness and with an open heart. Children are our mirrors and our close-knitted group of beautiful friends here at the Centre are the best reward our profession have to offer.

On June 5th we had lots of fun in the company of the children. We decided to watch a cartoon movie selected by our young friends, to laugh, tell jokes and unwind for a couple of hours. We got the privilege to remember how it feels to be a kid, we forgot about our woes during a memorable afternoon.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank our children for their thoughtful gifts and for spending their free time in our company. It means the world to us!

Thank you for brightening our days with your minds, ideas and special smiles.