Celebrating the birthday of a dear friend fills our heart with hope and joy.

On Saturday, June 15, 2019, we had the pleasure of celebrating Madalin’s birthday, one of our oldest friends and beneficiaries of St. Andrew Centre’s.

Madalin turned 20 years old, an incredibly important milestone for him. He was congratulated by the centre’s entire team and our physiotherapists and specialists surrounded him with their love and warm hugs. Everyone wanted to be by his side to mark this important occasion and to organise an intimate party right after the weekend, so that they could attend and enjoy every moment in Madalin’s company.

Time flies, indeed, and Madalin has made a lot of progress, within the limits of his diagnosis, with the help of our dedicated and hands-on medical team. Madalin arrived at our facility when he was only three months old and deemed hopeless by the local authorities, around the time when the Curtea de Arges Centre got established. Madalin enjoys a beautiful relationship and bond with the medical nurses, whom have been by his side since infancy, raising and taking care of his everyday needs. Madalin is proof that with a lot of rehabilitation services and sensory activities, patience, dedication, care, soothing words and lots of encouragement, children can flourish.


Madalin’s birthday party has been an incredibly special occasion for our centre’s team and a delicious cake took centre stage together with nice presents for our special young man. Madalin favours certain games and activities so his presents included building blocks games, a cute key-activated toy robot, sensory stimulation games and cool summer clothes, a t-shirt and a pair of short pants. Madalin was joined by his best friends, Claudia and Izabela and surrounded by the other children from the residential ward.

We sang a belated “happy birthday” anthem and enjoyed a delicious slice of cake and raised a glass of fruit juice.

Happy birthday, our dearest. May your days be sunny and bright in the company of your best friends!