Claudia and her new home









Another chapter in her life and the best news for us all.

Towards the end of 2020, an incredibly difficult year, with numerous challenges for each and every one of us, when good news seemed scarce, we received some concerning Claudia, and we would like to share it with our Bucharest colleagues and UK friends and supporters.

Dana, our centre’s physiotherapist, esteemed colleague and dedicated professional or “Mummy”, as Claudia likes to call her, became her foster Mum. Since the beginning of Dana’s career at St. Andrew’s Centre when she used to work as a nurse, many years ago, almost 14, she got attached to this special girl the moment she entered the ward. Claudia arrived at St. Andrew’s Centre in May 2006 when she was just seven months old. The years passed by quickly and Dana created a special relationship and routine with her and liked to take her home every weekend or on holidays, whenever possible. When a routine medical check-up was needed or a guardian for Claudia, when she got admitted to a hospital for various surgical interventions, Dana stepped in and supported her protégé all the way.

Claudia is a wonderful young lady. Since her arrival at the centre everyone understood we were dealing with a special bundle of joy. During her infancy she was a happy, exuberant child, always ready to have some fun. She knew how to get to our hearts and stay there for the rest of our journey with grace and humour.

Claudia made lots of friends, first during her kindergarten years, then in school, aside her best chums at the Centre. Everyone loves her and would like to see her reach full potential and at this very moment, her best shot at a normal family life is DANA. They’ve always talked about living together and for Claudia this very much awaited moment has finally come. Dana and Claudia got to spend the winter holidays together and it was the best present Santa could bring to such a beautiful family. Claudia got to welcome 2021 with her Mum feeling hopeful and ready to face another chapter in her life. What a wonderful gift!

Even if Claudia will no longer reside at the Centre, she promised we would keep in touch, communicate frequently and enjoy visits whenever possible as we are sure we will sorely miss her.

We wish Claudia the best in the world, to be healthy and to enjoy her new life.