Claudia and Izabela Enjoy their Summer Break Together


Summer is here and every day brings a new adventure, something new to discover and enjoy. St. Andrew’s team plan entertaining activities to help the children relax and be creative. Recently the weather has been fabulous. In the shade of our beautiful trees we had picnics, played music, watched the butterflies and busy bees.

Claudia and Izabela, who always impress us with their friendship and progress, enjoyed playing in the garden with their favourite dolls. Claudia decided they would be the parents, while the dolls were the mischievous children!

Claudia showed Izabela how to hold the baby, how to rock it, feed it, and carefully place it in the buggy. Claudia is also interested in practicing her hair stylist skills, so she put her creativity to work and tried various hairstyles on the dolls, all while Izabela doted on her own toy baby.