Claudia starts a new school year









Another exciting school year commenced and we had a busy all-around September.  During the last couple of weeks Claudia became increasingly anxious as she started to sorely miss her school colleagues, form teacher and the activities she is very fond of.  Getting school supplies and doing some autumn inspired shopping got her in the mood to study so she gathered her books and notebooks and put her desk area in order for another school semester full of projects, tests and lots of new information.  Next she selected her attire for the school opening ceremony and planned her steps for the day.  She was accompanied by one of our psychology educators, a proud team member, who made sure she got to school on time and that she thoroughly enjoyed the festivities.

Claudia got up bright and early in the morning and got dressed in one of her special dresses carefully prepared for this important moment, the beginning of 7th grade.

She has been looking forward to this moment since August, after she returned to the centre from her summer adventures at the Black Sea.  She felt like she was ready for another chapter in her life and going to school is one of her favourite activities as is spending time with her classmates and learning new things every day. She had a wonderful first day in school surrounded by her favourite people under the watchful eye of her form teacher, a dedicated lady who loves to be surrounded by young children and to take care of them.

The entire team at the centre would like to use this opportunity and wish her good luck in the new school year.  May you be blessed with a healthy and happy life, our dearest Claudia!

Sending you all our love.

Signed: St. Andrew’s team.