Claudia’s best summer continues with another adventure at Costinesti, Black Sea Summer Youth Camp









One more week and school will start yet again bringing together old friends, colleagues, teachers, teary parents and close relatives for the opening ceremony. Until then, Claudia decided to make the most of this years’ summer break, so she went on another festive adventure, at Costinesti, Black Sea Youth Camp, for an entire week. She was accompanied by Violeta, medical nurse and care specialist at the centre, as she is underage and requires adult supervision. Another exciting aspect of her summer journey to the beautiful seaside was that she got to travel by train, for a second time, and she could barely contain her excitement for the entirety of the trip.

The trip to the summer camp is organised by Arges Child Protection and Social Works Board and is dedicated to children found throughout specialized centres, who might never get to experience what a family vacation means, surrounded by friends and loved ones. It is a wonderful opportunity for the children to socialise, make friends, build long-lasting relationships and discover parts of our beautiful country, like the seaside. The last journey Claudia took was to Nucsoara where she had a fantastic experience, so it was a logical next step to surprise her with a similar experience. Claudia got together with the children from Saint Constantine and Helena Centre in Pitesti, her old chums, and she had a great time.

Claudia is a very well-organized young lady, always in charge of her life and needs and she prepared and packed her bag a week in advance making sure nothing was missing. She put together several attires, packed her swimsuit and hat, purchased high SPF lotion to keep her safe on the beach and protected from the sun’s scorching rays. She informed our team immediately when something was missing from her summer kit and together we went shopping to help her get ready for her beach side adventure.

The Costinesti summer camp days seemed short compared to all the fun and games the children planned for the excursion. Claudia enjoyed numerous relaxing beach strolls, participated in various contests, built mighty sandcastles, looked for the most beautiful seashell to add to her collection and had a pleasant time along her friends. She went to a nearby amusement park, had fun around bonfires on the beach, listened to music and gossiped with her teenage girlfriends.

Claudia ended her summer break in the best possible way, and we are proud of her for transforming into a well-adjusted young lady, with lots of friends in the community, a sociable, kind and engaging individual. She is now looking forward to going back to school and getting together with her 7th grade classmates.

Keep it up, Claudia, you are simply amazing!