Claudia’s laid-back weekend helps charge her batteries!

This past weekend Claudia had the opportunity to spend her time in the company of our esteemed colleague, Dana Ionila.

As usual, Claudia is looking forward to spending quality time in the company of Dana’s family as the duo share a beautiful friendship.

The schedule was packed full of activities as they went for a visit at Merisani, an area near Pitesti, where Claudia’s best friend lives. Marta is Dana’s niece. Marta and Claudia are the same age which helps them share the same views, preferences, hobbies, and talk incessantly about their school challenges, performances and to our delight, they constantly keep in touch.

On Sunday Claudia was back at Dana’s house where she got to relax and have fun before Monday, when she returned to school for another busy semester. The two made exciting puzzles together and played various games in their quest for the best memories spent together.