Colourful activities under the sun fill our hearts with joy and hope!

Today we had lots of fun in the sun, another blissful day spent in the St. Margaret’s courtyard surrounded by friends and doing the things we like the most. The weather is truly fantastic, so we planned numerous outdoor activities to challenge our imagination and please our hearts. We love decorating our welcoming little home, so we decided to put our hands and imagination to work and find out if “do it yourself” projects are as rewarding as everyone tells us. The children love decorating, using their hands, having fun and beautifying each corner so it was a done deal!

Flowers seemed like the best decorative idea, something to lift the mood, please the eye and fill our relaxed space with lots of colour. We got down to work with the help of scissors and coloured rolls of crepe paper, glue and large boards and various stickers.

Cristina, Andrei, Elena and Stefan got down to work and brought their invaluable contribution to our colourful project. It was a step-by-step process but overall, they did a pretty good job for a beginners. Andrei proved us once again that he always knows what he is doing, and his expert hands did not fail to produce gorgeous results. He is very good at creative projects and we loved his beautiful flowers. He did not ask for help once!

We had lots of fun today and after concluding our creative workshop, the garden looked very nice. We clapped and cheered and spent our day in the sun. Our young artists delighted us with their creative streaks, and we are positive they will go on to be expert gardeners.

Today was just the first step; we have other adventures ready for us so stay tuned! Have a wonderful summer and don’t forget, doing things with your hands is the most relaxing past time and beautifying your small balcony or an old coffee table can be the best activity for a hazy sunny day.