Dearest Eddie

Dearest Eddie, we will be missing your joy, your kindness and your laughter

We lost Eddie.

It is sad and painful saying that Edward Errington was a founding member of our charity and drove one of the first lorries across to Romania with his great friends Dr John Walmsley and Jim Klincke and was instrumental until the very end.

It is with great sadness to inform you of his passing in March after a long illness.

Eddie Errington, how do you try and begin to do justice to the man whose unrelenting support and dedication to Children in Distress made us into the charity we are today? 

If you knew Eddie personally please consider yourself blessed, if you only read about Eddie and his actions sadly you only knew 1% of the man.  Eddie was a true unsung hero, a man of honour and action, the type of person you would always want fighting your corner.  Luckily for us all and all our children in our care he was forever fighting for the best for them.  He worked tirelessly, never seeking praise or validation for his actions, his moral compass and faith led him.

He was a go to person “a doer with the most terrific heart” recalls Roy Wheeler one of his great friends to get any job done, no distance too far to travel if he thought it would benefit others.  Eddie was the embodiment of Father Christmas but never a “technical” one.

Eddie was 100% for the children “for his kids”.

All of us at Children in Distress were thrilled when on the Diamond Jubilee Year, Eddie was one of the recipients of the Sovereign’s personal Maundy Gift.

The tributes that flooded in were testament to the place Eddie will always hold in the hearts of supporters – a founding member and honorary trustee “who was the rock on which Children in Distress was built upon”  “one of God’s special people” “the most magical smile” “forever twinkling eyes”…..Eddie “the rock”  forever our charities diamond.

Thank you.

Eddie was and will remain one of the charity’s pillars. He inspired us, motivated us and taught us all what dedication means.

We will pray for his beloved wife Sylvia who always supported him and his family and we know for certain that Eddie has a good place in heaven.