Facing uncertainty in the coming weeks!

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24 hours’ notice given to transform operations to avoid Covid-19 catastrophe;

Essential residential medical and social care workers confined to quarantine next to or in the facilities where they work, for 14 days to avoid catastrophe.


Residential care providers have been given 24 hours’ notice to provide accommodation, food and transport for their essential care staff by government.

 As Romania is predicted to reach its pandemic peak by the upcoming Orthodox Easter holiday the government has taken commendable action to prevent devastation in the country’s residential care facilities. However, the much-needed additional funds required by care providers to implement the new measure has not transpired at every local authority point of access.


As the effects of the Coronavirus global pandemic on the local economy trickle down through every corner of our society, it is often NGOs that suffer the most, and we at CID are not exempt. Whilst we welcome any measures that protect our little ones, our foundation is already in dire straits.


Despite the promises, our local authority has told us categorically that there are no funds available to help us implement the new rules. Our carers have worked tirelessly and diligently over the last few weeks, caring for our little ones taking into account the strictest of hygiene rules providing the highest level of care, protecting them from the world’s external forces.


Yesterday, we mobilised the troops and have transformed our little hospice care centre into a temporary home for them too literally overnight, buying blow up beds, bedclothes, food and refreshments and all the things they will need to make them comfortable, so that they can continue to look after our children with the care and love that they do every single day during this new period of confinement.


Our beloved carers will be away from their families during Easter which is a time when families spend much needed time together. Our hearts are full of love and admiration for them and their commitment and dedication to our little children. Not one of them has refused to take up the challenge. They work tirelessly and with love and care every single day and this period will be no different, but we are nevertheless so grateful for their dedication. They have all committed to go over and above the normal.


What we need from you?


The effects of the pandemic have already impacted our income from grants, donations and all other sources. We are stretched to the limit.


These additional measures have left us with an even bigger gap than before.

The 24 hours deadline has meant an immediate reaction and implementation to comply.

       24 hours are not enough to transform our income flows to cover the additional emergency logistical organisation for the accommodation of medical and social care personnel, provision of daily meals for more people than before under strict hygiene and safety requirements.

       24 hours are not enough to assure an uninterrupted operational environment without the risk of disrupting the day to day routine and care of our little residents.

       24 hours are not enough to organise the additional space needed to accommodate extra people in an already limited space, and assure them safety and comfort


We come to you again to help us with your kindness and generosity.

We are desperate for funds to fill the increasing demands on our resources. We urgently need to raise £50,000

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