Farewell, our dearest Beatrice!









The end of 2020 brought a sad moment for us as we had to say our goodbyes to our dearest Beatrice, a proud member of our extended family of love and care for the last seven years.

The end of December marked this moment when Beatrice was taken into care by the Ialomita Child Protection Department and was transferred to one of the children’s centres located in Slobozia.
Towards the end of 2020, the representatives of Ialomita Child Protection Department started the legal proceedings required to relocate Beatrice and ceased payments for the care and recovery offered by CID Ro.

For the past seven years Beatrice proved to be a strong-willed young lady, she fought hard for her life and offered us a lot of tender moments. With a lot of dignity and inner strength, surrounded by her loving and unconventional CID family, she managed to overcome difficult periods in her life when she required repeated hospital stays and permanent care provided by the medical staff.
For Beatrice, all relationships around her proved to be crucial, became special and delicate and offered her a sense of safety and encouraged her to thrive. Beatrice is a sensitive young lady who needs time to accept and include new people in her life but after she gets familiar, she loves having people around her.

Each moment spent with her here at St. Margaret’s centre offered us, her dedicated and loving staff, an important life lesson about tolerance and the serenity one needs when accepting the things that happen to us.
We deeply regret her departure, and she will be sorely missed but we hope she will find a new loving family in her hometown. We are confident Beatrice will continue to be an example of inner strength, love, and acceptance for her new family.

We use this occasion to send our best wishes to accompany Beatrice on her journey and to keep her safe in her new home!