Gifts for children from our UK friends









The winter holidays, especially Christmas, are about sharing and offering gifts to dear ones, about experiencing the love of people around us, about spending quality time in the company of family and friends, and those who do not have their family close by, like the children from St. Andrew’s Centre, have instead big-hearted people who are very fond of them and who see them as a second family away from home.

This year we were forced to live with new rules, like social distancing, no family visits, and no socializing activities which are an important part of our schedule. Despite these harsh measures, just like it happens every year around Christmas, the children got to feel surrounded by the love of people who take care of them around the clock and those who are far away but always remember to send considerate presents through Santa Claus and to pray for our children so that the winter holiday spirit is not foreign to them.

We are talking about our UK friends and sponsors who prepped lots of special gifts for each child, nicely wrapped them, wrote a card, and even managed to write down a couple of Romanian words.

Each child had the pleasure of discovering a gift and a card under the centre’s tree through the good will of our UK based friends. Aside these wonderful Christmas presents, the children also received some incredibly nice and might we add personalized gifts.

We mean Ioana, who was gifted with new clothes and a toy, Tania who received a hand-knitted snowman from Kay, Sara, who received a knitted doll from Kay and clothes from Margaret and Monica. Claudia received a beautiful necklace with a letter C pendant from Betty and Tim and personalized gifts from Jan and Kim Cresswell – a Christmas tree, handmade and knitted tree decorations and a fluffy coat Claudia adores them.

Moreover, some of the children got thoughtful cards: Vladut from Alison and Graham, Tania from Charlotte and Richard Wheeler, Claudia from Anne and Dan Howell, Elizeo from Jean and Gerald Barley, and Madalin from Anne and Dan Howell.

The atmosphere was filled with gifts, lots of jolly good fun, and Izabela and Claudia’s eyes could no longer focus on just one thing but were glad to take in the abundance, the joy, and the laid-back atmosphere. We took some pictures to remember the experience, namely with Iza anxiously waiting to unwrap Santa’s gift. These moments filled our hearts to the brink, and we would like to share them, as a sign of gratitude, with our UK friends whom we hope will get to experience a child’s unadulterated joy.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank our UK sponsors for their beautiful presents and for bringing so much joy to these special children.