Guiding the children through education.

We are incredibly proud and happy to report that four beneficiaries of our educational and creative workshops developed at St. Christopher’s Centre, continue to achieve fantastic results in the shortest period proving that children need support and love to make it big.

The “fantastic four”, as we call them, all cousins, came from the same large family with several financial and domestic issues which set them back for a while before our team stepped in. For a second year they managed to get straight A’s and they all passed with flying colours.

The group consists of two adorable twin-girls, a younger sibling with disabilities and two boys who came from large families with many children.  As well as coming from extended families, the children are also neighbours and their homes share the same dividing wall. The children are at a stage in their life where they require their private spaces, a separate room for study and homework.

The fact that the children managed for a second year in a row to get great results is testament to hard-work, dedication and lots of tutoring hours offered by our team of specialists. Diana, a member of the fantastic four, used to write in a mirrored way. Mihai had a limited attention span and used to get bored quickly and abandon her work. Bianca used to have low self esteem and ignore her personal needs.

The children all needed to be taught how to study, how to understand and how to perform in school.

Our “Fantastic Four”, are now forever changed.  They enjoy getting good grades and no longer have self-esteem issues and think of school as a friend and an ally, transforming their dreams into reality.