Happy belated birthday, Cristina!









On July 15, 2021, we joyously celebrated the 10th birthday of our beloved young Cristina.

The traditional intimate party was organized in our birthday girl’s honour and the cosy atmosphere, sweet surprises and nice gifts filled the day with memorable moments.

Both the staff and children from St. Margaret’s Hospice congratulated Cristina during the early hours of the morning. While the children hurriedly put on their party attire, some of our caring staff prepared the surprise for Cristina. The entire courtyard was decorated with balloons and flags and lots of party hats, trumpets, and princess themed plates and cutlery were laid on the table patiently waiting for the guests to take a seat and celebrate. It was Cristina’s dream, and it was our pleasure to make it come true. All the children rejoiced the moment they got outside and could not wait for the cake to make its grand entrance.

This time we ordered an incredibly delicious cake for our birthday girl as she had a special request for the occasion. We did everything we could to find and buy a Disney princess cake. We all sang happy birthday, raised a glass of fizz and tasted a piece of her princess cake.

After she blew the candles, the team brought out the presents and got them ready to be opened. Our adorable Cristina is an incredibly well-behaved little lady, and everyone is so fond of her.  she received lots of thoughtful gifts from her UK sponsors, from the Centre’s staff and a beautiful and summerish flower crown.

The beautiful party ended on a high note with lots of photos taken, hugs and kisses and the joy of having so many presents around. Feeling grateful and loved, Cristina spent the rest of the day playing with her new toys. It seemed to us that it was her way of thanking her well-wishers for their incredibly kind gesture.

We would like to use this opportunity and thank Cristina’s sponsors for transforming her birthday into a special and memorable occasion suited to our beautiful princess!

Happy birthday to our princess. We are delighted to have you in our home and as a member of our proud family of love and we hope we will continue to spend numerous days having fun together!