Happy birthday Laurentiu!









Laurentiu, “the one who received the laurel wreath”, a name inspired by this tale as old as time, like a brave warrior celebrated his fight for life by adding another year to his laurel wreath.

Despite his personal universe being limited by his severe diagnosis, Laurentiu rejoiced with all his being and had fun in the company of his best friends while celebrating his fourth birthday. He burst into happy hurrahs when everyone started singing “Happy birthday”. And when he received his presents, he carefully inspected them and smiled contently at his onlookers.

He seemed immensely pleased to discover his new toy and immediately started his very own research process.

When the time came to blow the candle, our little one was helped by his thoughtful friends. He managed to do it in one blow, a symbol of solidarity for our gang of brothers and sisters. He was amused when his nose was touched by a little sweet cream swiped by one of the therapists from the delicious fruit cake. He even managed to take a bite. The others enjoyed their sodas and slices of cake

.We don’t know if Laurentiu managed to make a wish on his birthday, but we would like to use this opportunity and wish him many happy returns!