Happy birthday, Stefan!









The entire St. Margaret’s Centre family celebrated Stefan’s 8th birthday at the end of October!

We are very proud of his progress since his first days spent at CID’s house and until he reached this beautiful age.

Consequently, his birthday was a great occasion to throw a party and to invite everyone to have some jolly good fun!  The children were delighted to congratulate Stefan during the first hours of the morning and Stefan enjoyed the attention and kindness of his peers.

As it is customary, the sodas, cake and presents were staples of the birthday party.

Stefan could hardly contain his excitement to unwrap the received presents and once the kids finished singing happy birthday to him, he had the pleasure of doing so.

Stefan was happy to discover all the received gifts, especially the toy cars that he couldn’t part from the entire day.

Another moving moment which took place during the party when Stefan was helped by his chums to blow the candles and hugged with all their love.

These are the glimpses of hope and happy days that remind us of the unity and joy that come with being a part of CID’s wonderful family of love and care.

Stefan is an incredibly lucky boy to have so many wonderful friends around and an entire “foster family” from St. Margaret’s who love to treat him with kindness and understanding.

Happy birthday our wonderful boy

We are delighted to spend quality time in your company, and we hope you will continue to grow in the same beautiful, healthy, and joyous way!