Happy days for Yzabela as another bump in the road gets left behind









Yzabela is one of the young heroes from St. Margaret’s Hospice in Bucharest. She always knew how to smile to people no matter what life threw at her with a lot of positivity and energy she managed to overcome all challenges and rise to the occasion.

Our young lady has suffered since birth from an oscillating cardiac condition and the team of doctors who have been diligently monitoring her condition decided it was time for surgery to correct this health issue.

Yzabela’s case was dealt with by a team of specialists brought together by her doctor in charge, and after her situation and medical condition was examined, the specialists programmed the intervention on June 15, 2021.

Yzabela underwent a minimally invasive heart procedure aimed at correcting her condition and giving her back the energy she needs to enjoy this special time in her life.

Everything went according to plan during the surgery and Yzabela recuperated well during the following hours and days. She was discharged the next day and she returned to St. Margaret’s to continue her recovery surrounded by her friends.

Yzabela continues to make progress with each passing day, she is the forever cheerful, energetic, and full of smiles young lady who enjoys being a part of the daily activities proposed by the team.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank Yzabela’s doctors for their fantastic job and to wish our little winner a swift recovery and numerous days filled with jolly good fun in the sun!