How Legacies Change Lives series

We have news regarding the Dr. Michael and Varuni Janson legacy project which helps poor children from the rural communities of Arges County with their education.
Dr. Michael Janson and his wife Varuni Roberts were renaissance people with bright, enquiring minds who shared the love of knowledge, art and music, two special, selfless people.
Through the projects which we initiated from their legacy we hope that their memory will live on in perpetuity and they will continue to help people as Dr. Michael Janson did in his very successful complimentary-alternative medical centre in Cambridge Massachusetts, near Harvard University.
The Scholarship project attracted the attention of the local press and we were glad to gather for you some articles on the subject. Attached are several links showing what was published by the local media and a radio-interview will follow.
The press confirms the start of the competition and the interest of the people who would like to know more about the candidates from the 90 rural schools who compete to obtain the 10 scholarships in amount of £ 800 each which will be granted yearly, for a period of three years.
We were surprised how well the project was received by the local community and how the candidates appreciated that it could make the difference in their present situation, namely change their life for the better.
Follow our next story which will update you with news about the tough competition and who might win the race.
Everybody is keen to be among the first ten who will get a scholarship which is more than three times the minimum net wage in force in Romania.

The Janson Scholarships

Requirements for the recipients